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What is Vocate?

Vocate is the easy, simple and cheap way to find talented and energetic entry-level and intern hires. We are a technology platform that provides career services to recent college grads & students. In doing so we use a combination of machine learning algorithms and a team of advocates to evaluate them and to connect you with curated candidates.

Rather than spending your time handing out key chains on campuses or analyzing thousands of resumes from a job board, you can instantly access candidates from schools across the country. Vocate acts as an extension of your hiring team that allows you to target schools you couldn't previously reach, and to meet your diverse needs.

Our school reach includes most major geographies and includes elite schools, commuter schools, HBCUs and HSIs.

Our Basic service is a way to instantly access candidates from across the country. Or, if you want to fully solve your hiring problems, our Premium service allows you to easily fill your candidate pipeline with highly curated & pre-qualified hires, allowing you to add leverage to your recruiting team at a fraction of the cost.

How Vocate works

  • 1. Sign-Up

    Fill in basic information about you, your company and your internship or job.

  • 2. Get Matched

    You receive curated student matches that have made it through our filter, saving you the effort of reviewing a slew of resumes and conducting endless pre-screening interviews.

  • 3. Hire

    You make the final call. We’re here to help and can advocate for you to smooth out any bumps as you get close to making an offer.

Find Your Star Hires Now

Improve your
hiring process

  • Reduce time to hire

    We enable you to sidestep the majority of the search and evaluation process, significantly reducing the time it takes to bring on new talent.

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  • Find talent to fit your
    specific needs

    We pre-screen and categorize all of our candidates and leverage this information and our matching algorithm to provide your with people with the skill sets, career goals and interests, and personality to succeed at your company.

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  • Increase Diversity

    We give you access to a broad network of colleges, including HBCUs and HSIs. Your team can easily attract, interview and hire college students from all walks of life. Read more

  • Reduce hiring

    We do the work of finding, messaging, screening, and preparing students & recent grads so you can focus on the important things in your business.

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  • Streamline your
    interview process

    We have a deep bench of pre-filtered talent. We provide curated matches that have been pre-evaluated and pre-screened for skill fit, career goals and interests fit, and cultural fit.

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  • Motivated & Productive Employees

    Our pre-screening ensures that you hire employees who have a strong desire to be there. Our training and onboarding guidelines ensure that they are able to make an immediate impact on your company.

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Fully Automated, Lightly Curated Matches
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  • Self-service access to our nationwide career center
  • ~5 lightly curated, algorithmic matches per month
Month to Month $2,950 / mo
Annual $1,950 / mo
Comprehensive Solution
  • Custom hiring criteria
  • Targeted marketing and brand development
  • Pricing is per license and for unlimited hiring
  • 10 highly curated candidates per month

We work with groundbreaking companies to curate effective entry-level hires

Vocate provides a steady pipeline of passionate, hard-working candidates for thousands of teams

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