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5 Recruitment Trends in 2018

Yes, we all know that everything is digitizing and being scaled whenever possible in business. But what does this mean for recruiters? 2018 trends reveal that recruiters need to treat their jobs much more like digital marketers or SDRs. There’s a funnel, a user experience, even referrals and branding that need to revolve around to their potential customer in order to ensure job placement conversions.

2018 trends reveal that recruiters need to treat their jobs much more like digital marketers or SDRs.

Here are 5 trends in 2018:

1. Automation
Most recruiters don’t have the time – nor employers the money – to hand pick each candidate. It’s a numbers game. More and more tools are flooding the market so that less human hand-holding is needed to get to a job offer. Companies come and go, and grow quickly, and the less hunting and more sifting there is, the better. Feeding candidates directly to your ATS, scaled pre-screen processes, even job description generators, matching algorithms and machine learning, are among the many automation solutions we’ve seen this year, inside the Vocate product as well.

2. Digital Marketing for Recruiters
Young professionals are always online, and so need to be recruiters. Branding is not just for the external potential customer but also potential employees. Digital Ads, LinkedIn Inmail, online career center portals, are all important for the recruiter funnel. Awareness to acquisition is now a recruiter objective.

3. Diversity, Inclusion, and Closing the Gender Wage Gap
Resonating in the Google and Uber upsets over the last year, diversity, inclusion, and equality are hugely important for even the biggest of companies. Now more than ever, companies are expected to integrate diversity goals into recruitment efforts as well as inclusion and equality policies into HR processes and company culture. In a broader discussion, “emotional intelligence” and empathy are becoming powerhouse skills in the interview room – and many argue may be the only skill exempt from the AI take-over.

4. Enhancing the Job Application Experience
UX is also for recruiters! An easy resume upload, better job descriptions, smoother pre-screens, all become important for the recruiter journey. You want candidates to engage and make sure the best don’t drop out. Both hiring and applying are painful to most people. A central part of the Vocate product development is to make this process easier – dare say, even enjoyable – for both sides.

5. Referrals & Reviews
Just like people look for customer reviews before making a big purchase, same goes for jobs. Glassdoor notably allows for employee reviews of companies. Bad pay, bad work culture, or bad management can now plague a company’s recruitment success. Recruiters need to make sure a company’s branding includes an attractive culture and workplace identity, because these are big factors on whether or not a great candidate will be interested in joining the team.

As the end of 2018 draws closer, we’re excited to watch the recruiting industry continue to transform. Check out the image below for a few other takes on the industry this year:

Source: ideal.com


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