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6 Tips to Ace your Skype Interview

In the past few years, with the boom of technology, the capabilities of the internet have made it easy to conduct an interview from the comforts of your home. Although a skype interview can appear to be the same as an in-person interview, don’t be fooled and follow Vocate’s 6 easy tips to ace your skype interview!

1) Dress to Impress

Just because your interview will occur in the comfort of your home, does not mean you should be in your PJs. Wear what you would wear to any in-person interview. Yes, only wearing proper interview clothes on the top half of your body can work, but this can be risky if you have to leave your laptop. Vocate recommends smart business casual attire.

2) Prepare your background

Employers don’t take to kindly to empty beer cans and dirty laundry taking up part of their screen. Make sure your wherever you choose to have your interview that it is clean and presentable. Employers can learn a lot from a potential employees background environment, so make sure you leave a good impression!

3) Choose a quiet place

There’s a good chance your home is filled with distractions that could affect your interview. Be sure to discuss your interview with your housemates and silence your phone to avoid distractions. Any sort of interruption can be negative and it also can make you lose focus in the middle of your response.

4) Practice positive body language

Skype interviews are very different than in-person ones. Body language comes across differently and posture and attitude are much more noticeable. Practice good posture and smile frequently to appear engaged and excited. This makes all the difference as body language plays a big part in an employer’s first impression of you.

5) Make sure Wi-Fi connection is strong

Your screen freezing in the middle of a Skype interview is never good. To avoid this as best as possible, test your wifi connection and laptop functionality to ensure you will face no problems when the real interview comes. Don’t get stuck sounding like the Sprint guy when the connection is weak. Consistent connections with no malfunctions will help you avoid any issues that could harm your interview.

6) Have reference notes and resume handy

One of the best parts about Skype interviews is having the ability to keep your notes close by without the interviewer knowing. Preparing for an in-person interview can be stressful if you are surprised by a question. By having employer notes and your resume hiding just out of sight of the screen, you have the upper hand. Be wary that becoming obvious of having notes present also looks bad to an employer so make sure you are as stealthy as possible!

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Alex Macpherson

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