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Influencer Impact #3: The Students of Parkland

Students of Parkland

This article is part of our Influencer Impact Series. Each week we will be sharing the story of an individual(s) who has used their passion and drive to pursue a calling or a career that has had a lasting effect on an industry and society.

On February 14th this year, seventeen students and staff members of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida were fatally shot by a former student. The students of Marjory then took action in the hopes of preventing any more fatal high school shootings.

After the fatal events of February 14th, the students of MSD came together to push action to prevent more students from being killed in school shootings. This movement was spearheaded by a student named David Hogg, whose passion for public speaking and making schools safer led to the founding of Never Again MSD, a political action committee founded by students of Parkland to push stricter regulations on guns to makes schools safer. The founding of Never Again MSD inspired young people to take control of their lives and get more involved to make their voices heard as well.

Students began making their voices heard. Through the never again movement the Parkland students organized multiple rallies to help end school shootings. The most notable was their March For Our Lives Movement, which was held across the country and around the world on March 24th.

The seventeen and eighteen year old students of MSD were able to create change through their voices and passion for safer schools. On March 9, Governor Rick Scott signed a bill that raised the minimum age for buying rifles in Florida from 18 to 21. The legislation also established waiting periods and background checks for gun buyers and also allowed for the arming of teachers who were properly trained and the hiring of school police. A bunch of High Schoolers were able to persuade lawmakers to enact change that made our schools safer.

Today, the students of Parkland are still fighting for more reform and have made substantial headway in regulations that help prevent school shootings. They have taught us that no matter your age, you can make your voice heard with the passion and drive to make a change. Your age doesn’t define your current potential to make a difference in society. Thanks to the Parkland students action is being done to prevent fatal shootings like that of MSD High School.

Alex Macpherson

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