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4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Summer

4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Summer

The summer is flying by! Before you know it classes will be starting back up and all you have achieved is balancing a fidget spinner on your nose and rewatching The Office on Netflix. Want to finish your Summer feeling accomplished and ready to find that dream job? Try one of these 4 easy options of how to enjoy your summer while excelling your career!

1. Get an Internship

Just because it’s the middle of summer doesn’t mean all internships are filled. July is still a great time to find the perfect internship for you! Sign up for Vocate now and get matched to great employers now and work towards your dream job!

2. Get Involved

Finding that dream internship isn’t easy. If you are like many people and never found that perfect job no worries! There are always other activities to do during the summer. They may not be exactly what you are looking for, but it can still boost your career and be a lot of fun too!

Some other ways to get involved this summer include Volunteering and attending conferences! Volunteering is a fantastic way to spend your summer by giving back to the community, and it also looks good on a resume. Conferences can also go on your resume and may open your eyes to new topics and ideas that can help you plan for your future career.

3. Get Organized

If none of this turns your crank and you are now stressing about an internship for next summer, then start preparing for it! Here are some things you can do:

  • Improve your resume
  • Perfect your cover letter
  • Research potential employers and job opportunities that match your interests
  • Work on your professional online profile and presence (LinkedIn or Vocate!)
  • Put together project examples, writing samples and an online portfolio

4. Get Learning

Another great way to develop your career without an internship is to keep learning! There are tons of free courses online that will help you put HTML, R language, or Economics 101 at Harvard right on your resume. Knowledge is power and you need power to attain as many advantages as possible. It can be as easy as reading a book or watching a Kahn Academy video. Learning more about potential future careers and the skills& tools you need to get there boosts your chances of finding that dream job for your future.

No Job, No problem This Summer

With nice weather and no 9-5 internship to worry about, the summer is yours! There is no such thing as a summer break when you have a full-time job, so get out there and enjoy it! Instead of binge-watching your favorite Netflix show all Summer, go to the beach or go on a camping trip, whatever makes you happiest! No matter what you end up doing with the rest of your summer, just make sure it makes you HAPPY!

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