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Influencer Impact #1: Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain

Today we are introducing the Influencer Impact Series. Each week we will be sharing the story of an individual who has used their passion and drive to pursue a career that has had a lasting effect on an industry and society.

For our first Influencer Impact, we decided to share a double feature to honor Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain’s lives and meaningful careers. Both of these influencers followed their dreams and were able to leave a lasting impression in the food and fashion industry.

He taught us not just to love food, but how food is able to bring us together and become an outlet of expression and culture.

Kate Spade came from humble beginnings as she began her career as a member of the accessory department of Mademoiselle. After working here for 5 years she had received the title of Senior Fashion Editor. At this point, Kate was excelling in her role at Mademoiselle, yet she left everything to follow her passion for fashion. In 1991, she started her own business of Kate Spade and her dreams become reality. Kate delivered affordable, fashionable handbags to inspire women to express themselves with her iconic pop of color technique. Even though she is not with us anymore, her products continue to impact the lives of millions.

Anthony Bourdain had a very different passion he chose to pursue. Food was his calling and he went above and beyond to share his love for food. As a young adult, Bourdain enrolled in Vassar College and less than two years later he dropped out to pursue a career in culinary arts. From there, Bourdain continued to follow his love for food, he began as a chef, then he transitioned to writing cookbooks and starring in culinary oriented TV shows. This alone would be considered a phenomenal career, but that is not what makes Anthony Bourdain an impactful influencer. He taught us not just to love food, but how food is able to bring us together and become an outlet of expression and culture. His passion for food was able to touch the lives of people across the globe and his memory will continue to impact society for years to come.

Although these influencers are no longer with us, their legacy will continue to impact our lives. They also are great examples of how YOU can also follow your passion to create a meaningful career of your own. That’s all for this week’s Influencer Impact!

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