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Promoting Diversity Through Purpose

The world is filled with opportunities and even more types of people waiting to seize them. Vocate celebrates the diverse spectrum of life paths and identities that people bring to the early stages of their career. This is the first article highlighting 1 of 9 hot companies that care about diversity in hiring practices, people, and culture as much as we do.

As the 4th installment of our diversity campaign, we want to highlight 3 companies on Vocate who promote diversity through their purpose. Each exists and is driven by the mission to provide more communities and groups access to valuable support, products and services.

The world is a big and diverse place. And its future gets brighter every day that positive change happens. We proactively welcome diverse backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives – and so do the companies we work with.

Here are 3 companies we’d like to highlight:


1. Omaze

Omaze is an online fundraising platform that offers fans from around the globe the opportunity to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences for donating to good causes.

2. DiveIn

DiveIn is a social network comprised of passionate and purposeful individuals who want to drive social change at a local level. The SaaS platform creates an easy and engaging space that brings people together and connects them to local nonprofits, community events and worthy causes.

3. United Planet

United Planet is a “multilingual, multinational and global” non-profit organization with a mission to unite the planet. Through this platform, people are matched with volunteer opportunities that allow them to explore diverse cultures and ideas while serving global communities in order to gain meaningful and authentic experiences.

It feels good to have an awesome job title, and it’s even better when you know you made the right choice by working with a company that’s making a purposeful impact on the world with its mission. In fact, according to LinkedIn, 73% of purpose-oriented people are satisfied with their jobs.

The world is a big and diverse place. And its future gets brighter every day that positive change happens.

Individuals are increasingly seeking meaningful work opportunities with organizations committed to social good. In 2014, a Deloitte survey found that 74% of people say that companies with strong sense of purpose provide tools and resources for employees to realize their full potential.

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Ayesha Sohail

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