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How Mindfulness Can Change Your Relationship To Work

Increasingly, people are investing parts of their days to contemplative practice – but what is it? This category encompasses activities like meditation, mindfulness, yoga and others. In general, these are exercises designed to engage our bodies and minds in ways that disrupt the default mode we tend to exist in, sometimes even alleviating the cycles of stress and anxiety we’ve grown so accustomed to. They can enable us to be ‘in the moment’: something that doesn’t come naturally in most of our modern, fast-paced lifestyles.

Applications are being explored in the army, activist circles, the courtroom, hospitals, the police force, prisons, schools, workplaces and more. Figures like Anderson Cooper, Arianna Huffington, Congressman Tim Ryan and Oprah swear by mindfulness, claiming it keeps them steady, sane and optimistic. Think of it as a toolbox you can reach for throughout the day!

It can seem counterintuitive to intentionally *pause* when there’s so much to get done; but we’re starting to figure out that when you take the time out to do these practices, they end up buying you time; not to mention the boosts in compassion and emotional intelligence.

A growing body of research indicates that people who take up these practices tend to experience less stress and more job satisfaction and productivity. This is no small matter in a time when more than 75% of all doctor visits are stress-related. Stress can be devastating to your health and hurts the economy too – costing companies about $200 billion a year.

We’ve curated a list of resources you can watch, read, download and use to cultivate contemplative practices – in the workplace and at home – that are best suited for you. They might enable you to be an even better employee, friend and human!

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Misbah Noorani

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