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7 Easy Tips to Help Your Resume Go a Long Way

You may spend hours on your resume, but employers will spend an average of 6 seconds looking it over before deciding whether or not to invite you to an interview. This means your resume has to be clear, concise, and catchy to the scanning eye. This also means that it is very important to get your resume right – it’s your first impression, your first chance to get your foot in the door.

7 Simple Rules To Follow When Building Your Resume

1. Use a Resume Template
We provide you with resume templates to just plug in your specific details and go. These are tried and true resumes, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. We highly recommend using the bolded resume template word file. All you have to do is download it and enter information into the relevant places.

2. Keep it to 1 Page
This is a high level summary of your accomplishments. If you go over 1 page, you’ve gone into too much detail. Employers want everything to be presented to them in an easy to read format and aren’t used to flipping to a second page.

3. Proofread! No Spelling or Glaring Grammar Mistakes
If you can, get a friend or colleague to check for spelling mistakes. Nothing is more embarrassing or easy to avoid than a simple spelling mistake. The employer won’t think you can’t spell, they will see it as a sign that you didn’t take the time or care before sending in your application. Sloppy work is never something employers are looking for.

4. Quantify Key Accomplishments and Results
When describing each job, make sure to quantify (put numbers next to) your key accomplishments and results. You identified cost savings during your summer internship? How much did you identify and was it actually implemented?

5. Leave Childhood Jobs Off
While running a lemonade stand when you were a kid is great, it’s hardly relevant to the job or internship you’re applying for. Furthermore, it can actually hurt your chances as it implies that you don’t have enough actually relevant experience.

6. Focus on Your Strengths
Don’t have a lot of work experience? Focus on leadership positions in school clubs, community volunteering, or whatever you do have. While strong internships are great, we realize not everyone has that experience. Focus on what you do have.

7. Don’t Lie
Employers aren’t idiots. They generally understand what responsibilities interns and entry-level people have. Don’t exaggerate or embellish your accomplishments. Not only is it completely unethical, but if found it can kill your chances with an employer (and on the Vocate platform).

Jackie Peterson

Jackie leads Marketing at Vocate. At Vocate she has found a match where she can pursue her passion for education, technology, and improving student life. Her job is to spread the word about Vocate to college students and recent grads.

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