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Got a Passion for Numbers? Say Hello to a Career as a Data Analyst

For in-demand careers after college, recent graduates with an analytical eye may find that a data analyst position represents one of the best career paths to pursue.


Because this isn’t your typical, mind-numbing, boring sort of data career. The title itself might not give it away, but data analysts do a lot of cool work and are in-demand pretty much anywhere (and in any industry) you might want to work. 

So, what does a data analyst do exactly? 

Why are they so in-demand? 

How can you get started on landing a job as a data analyst?

That’s what we’re exploring in today’s post here on the Vocate blog.

First, Here’s What You Can Expect in a Data Analyst Career

It wasn't all that long ago that businesses had a tough time painting an accurate picture of their target audience. Before the internet, accurate customer data was hard to come by, and so many of the decisions companies made – from product development to marketing and beyond – were based on pretty flimsy anecdotal evidence.

That’s definitely not the case anymore. Today, businesses base most decisions on the wealth of big data they collect from customer engagements across the web. Whose job is it to make sense of that data?

You guessed it: a data analyst.

Careers after college

As a data analyst, you’ll work with incoming streams of customer data to extract meaningful insights your company can use to gain an edge on the competition, or to better target a specific audience. It’s obviously a numbers-oriented job, but it also requires a bit more skill than your standard statistical analysis job.

That’s because a good data analyst not only knows how to collate and analyze data, he or she also knows how to translate that analysis into actionable recommendations for marketing teams and executive leadership. 

In other words, data analysts don’t just find patterns; they make recommendations on what a company should do in response to those patterns.

Here’s Why Data Analysts are So In-Demand at the Moment

This job didn’t exist 10 to 15 years ago. 

In fact, it wasn’t until a few years ago that big data became pretty much a necessity for any marketing team to remain competitive. Today, companies that do not collect and use big data are few and far between. Everyone’s on the big data train, and considering it’s a fairly new career path, there just aren’t enough data analysts to go around. 

While many data analysts come from computer science or math backgrounds, the increasing demand for these roles has expanded the accepted degrees into completely new territory. More and more business administration majors are moving into data analyst roles after college.

That means for talented recent graduates looking to explore potentially lucrative, fruitful careers after college, there are few options as promising as going into data analytics.

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Zack Andresen

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