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This article is part of our series “Vocate’s Wall of Fame”. Each person described in the series is someone who has inspired the Vocate team and who we believe represents what “unlocking human potential” means. Quite literally, the Wall of Fame exists in our office (printed out images framed on the wall) and every week we vote on a new honoree.

Tig Notaro is a hilarious stand-up comedian with a strong heart and mind. Tig grew up in the suburbs of Houston, Texas with her mom, dad, and older brother. Just after dropping out of high school and attaining her GED, Notaro found herself involved in the music industry. She created Tignation Promotions to promote bands in Los Angeles. She began to realize her talent for stand-up comedy when she was forced on stage before one of her bands performed. Since then, Tig’s career in stand-up has taken flight.

Notaro has been featured on television shows such as The Office, Bob’s Burgers, Comedy Central Presents, The Sarah Silverman Program, and Conan. She has her own Netflix movie, Tig, and co-wrote, produced, and starred in the TV show One Mississippi. Notaro’s dark and raw humor has everyone laughing, but has also helped her get through some of her toughest obstacles in her life.

In 2012, Notaro was diagnosed with breast cancer. She decided to tell her fans during her live stand up show at Largo in Los Angeles. She opened-up to the crowd about the treatments and personal struggles she was undergoing. Her performance was so raw and honest, but she was able to find humor in all of it. The response she got in return was incredible. Many comedians, actors, and television hosts reached out to support her and admired her strength. The audio of her live show, “Hello, I have cancer” is available on iTunes.

Today, Notaro is cancer free and living life to the fullest. Tig has inspired so many people with her courage. She showed great strength and determination with her honesty in her performances. She is still making everyone laugh and will continue to be fearless with everything she does. Tig has encouraged others to not let anything bring you down and to be yourself always.

For more information, follow this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tig_Notaro

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