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Spotlight: Alessandro Fuser

Alessandro Fuser – Vocate Ambassador, Pepperdine ’17

Wall of Fame Nominee: Richard Branson

Advice for Pepperdine students: It is easy to take Pepperdine for granted, so make sure to live in the present and appreciate where you are while you’re there.

Favorite spot on campus: Heroes Garden

Pepperdine’s hidden gem: Drescher Library

Favorite ice cream flavor: Puffo (Smurf)

Most authentic gelato in the United States: Grom


Alessandro Fusser is a senior at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, and one of Vocate’s first Ambassadors. He will be graduating this year with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

He first heard about Pepperdine while watching the well-known show, 90210. He loved Pepperdine’s location, size, and its balance of feeling removed from the city while still being able to access the same resources. At Pepperdine, he is heavily involved in his fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi and served as SVP and VP of Pledge Education and Professional Activities as well as the Executive Supervisor of the Delta Sigma Pi Car Show.

Alessandro was drawn to Vocate’s ambassador program because it was an opportunity for him to give back. He had recently been accepted into his dream graduate school and understood that many of his peers were feeling panicked about finding jobs and getting into graduate schools. He wanted to find a way to give back and help other students find a job or internship. Vocate gave him a way.

Alessandro was born and raised in Venice, Italy. He is bilingual (English and Italian) and can also speak Spanish and Mandarin to varying degrees. He is also a resident of Kenya.

Alessandro dreams of going back to northern Italy one day to start a management consulting agency in northern Italy that helps Milanese companies merge with companies from neighboring countries. His alternate dream job would be to start a business to export Italian wine to the U.S. and founding a flagship tasting store in Los Angeles.

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