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Online Persona Overview

What you post online matters. People, potential employers, will judge you based on your online persona. Companies will gather information from the internet to construct and image of who you are, and use this information in their hiring. Employers do this because they want to hire employers. Keep reading to discover how to build or fix your online persona.

Your online persona should look reasonably professional. This does not mean you need in business attire in every picture you post on Instagram or Facebook, but your posts should not be offensive or contain drugs, alcohol or nudity. When uploading something to the internet remember that everything sticks and can last forever.

To find out what your current online persona looks like follow these steps:

  • 1. Search your name in quotation marks on google and google images
  • 2. Log out of Facebook and Instagram (and any other social media you use), then search your name to see what your public profile is

If your public profile shows too much content for your liking or what exceeds our recommendations, manage your privacy settings, un-tag yourself in pictures, and delete posts. Use this help form on google to take down any search results you think may inhibit your chances of being hired.

Finally, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for LinkedIn:

  • Do: Make sure your profile is as complete as possible, have a profile picture, participate in groups and discussions.
  • Don’t: List irrelevant work experience, use your prom picture or any other unprofessional looking picture as your LinkedIn profile picture, discuss politics, personal issues or religion.

Emma White

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