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Spotlight: Elizabeth Youshaei

Highlight: Exploring her passions and expanding her social network

Elizabeth is part of a big family from Chicago, and was accepted to University of Pennsylvania (‘21), but is currently taking a gap year through UnCollege. Most notably during her gap year she taught English in Bali for three and a half months. During her time in Bali she learned how to surf and absolutely loves it as a hobby. Along with demonstrating her athletic ability on a surfboard, her under 6.5 minute mile proves her athleticism. Her other hobbies include scrapbooking and acapella singing.

In addition to her wholesome extracurricular activities, Elizabeth is incredibly smart. She is fluent in three languages: English, Farsi and Hebrew, and proficient in Indonesian. She excelled in many subject areas in high school, but wants to apply her skill set to help interact with and help other people. Her dream jobs include: U.S representative for the United Nations, founder of a non-profit that supports gender equality, and wants to travel all over the world to meet new people and create videos of their unique lives.

Keep crushin’ it, Elizabeth!

Emma White

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