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Carl Sagan

Vocate’s Wall of Fame: Carl Sagan

This article is part of our series Vocate’s Wall of Fame. Each person described in the series is someone who has inspired the Vocate team and who we believe represents what “unlocking human potential” means. Quite literally, the Wall of Fame exists in our office (printed out images framed on the wall) and every week we vote in a new honoree.

Carl Sagan’s research and wisdom of outer space was well sought after and respected after by astronomers, corporations, and students. Sagan frequently advised NASA programs, and played an integral role in preparing Apollo teams as they embarked towards the moon. Further, Sagan led several NASA exhibitions, during which he performed critical experiments to unlock mysteries of different planets. As an educator, Sagan imparted his intelligence of space to students at Cornell University, in the astronomy and space sciences departments. His extensive research on extraterrestrial life and the science of different planets lays the foundation of our understanding of space. Sagan’s contributions to the astronomical world are invaluable — solidified by the innumerable awards he has won — and his legacy thrives in the wisdom he shared with his students.

Sagan’s ideas and work literally took us into uncharted territories. Breaking boundaries in space and expanding our universe to new worlds, he has unlocked human potential at the perhaps the most extraordinary of all levels.

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Emma White

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