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Taking Customer Loyalty to the Next Level with an Awesome Product

Thanx is a San Francisco tech startup founded in 2011. Devoted to improving the customer experience, Thanx provides customer happiness tools that enable merchants to identify, engage, and retain their valued customers. Hence the company name, “Thanx” – they offer a product that helps companies say “thanks” to every customer.

Thanx’s product approach is data-driven and simplifies the customer experience, allowing merchants to develop closer relationships with their customer base as well as build loyalty and community. And it’s no surprise. Their CEO specializes in customer satisfaction and customer retention. Their product team comes from a wide-range of great tech companies. Their full-stack expert engineers are building a top-notch architecture that clearly displays awesome data. In general, Thanx’s team is both supportive and hard-working and is looking to keep growing their team with more creative and passionate people.

Vocate welcomes Thanx into its network of employers. We are happy to connect our students and grads to great jobs in this industry-changing business.


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