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Spotlight: Impossible Foods

According to Vox, Impossible Foods is “trying to do in meat, what Tesla did in electric cars.”

The company has spent the past five years trying to answer a deceptively tricky question: What makes meat, meat? Thanks to the hard work and creativity of a dedicated team of scientists, chefs, farmers, and engineers, the answer is finally here: A whole lot of things. Perhaps unsurprisingly, texture, taste, and aroma all contribute to the experience of enjoying a delicious burger. What is surprising, however, is that all the things that make a delicious, juicy burger so enjoyable can be replicated using only plant-based ingredients.

The ramifications for sustainability are huge. Substituting one quarter-pound beef patty with an Impossible Foods burger saves as much water as forgoing a ten-minute shower. Not to mention that it’s takes 95% less land and results in 87% fewer greenhouse gas emissions to produce an Impossible Foods burger than it does to produce a traditional burger. The best part? No animals are harmed in the making of your meal.

Impossible Foods is hiring interns and full-time employees during the fall in sales, marketing, and business development roles. At this stage in development, Impossible Foods is focused heavily on bringing their product to market and is looking for people who will help them to achieve that goal.

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