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Spotlight: Brown Brothers Harriman

Brown Brothers Harriman is the oldest and largest private bank in the United States, boasting firms both domestically, in cities such as New York and Boston, and internationally.

The older of the two branches, Brown Brothers & Co, began as a highly successful linen-trading business. Following the 1931 merger which brought it together with Harriman Brothers & Co, the bank has continued to flourish in multiple industries; including investment banking, private equity, and wealth management. The bank is passionately dedicated to preserving and growing the wealth of its clients and currently manages over 1.2 trillion dollars in assets worldwide.

Brown Brothers Harriman utilizes a flat organizational structure, meaning there is a minimal amount of middle management separating employees from executives. The bank boast a strong culture of one-on-one interactions between advisor and client. Investing is done on a personal level, without the distraction of third-party shareholders, which means that advisors are able to base investments solely on values they share with the highly select clients the bank services. For over 200 years, Brown Brothers Harriman has been perfecting the art of “disciplined, value-based” investment, a process which interns are expected to be deeply involved in.

Brown Brothers Harriman is looking for interns in systems communications, administration, and private banking. Interns, themselves, are expected to display a strong work ethic, the ability to balance competing demands, and both strong analytical and communication skills. While a strong applicant is expected to be able to take the initiative to get the job done, he or she will not be working in the dark. Interns will receive help in the form of formal training, a process which has received consistently high praise from former interns and will give applicants the tools they need to succeed both at Brown Brothers Harriman and in future financial endeavours.


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