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Communicating After the Interview

Communicating After the Interview

Following up after an interview is a key step in the application process. Both the timing and the structure of the follow-up communication can help positively move the application process forward. You should send your follow-up/thank you note within 24 hours. This type of note is a professional courtesy and the best ones can tip the scales in your favor.

Templates exist online, but are easy to spot. Great follow-up emails are highly dependent on individual interviews. Here are some key aspects to consider as you create a great follow-up email based on your interview:

1. Thank your interviewer – start out by thanking the interview for taking the time to speak with you.

2. Follow-up thoughts – you can then include an additional thought that proves your knowledge of the industry or interest/fit with the company. These can include (you only need one):

  • following up with a more detailed answer to a question you don’t feel you adequately answered during the interview
  • following up on any requests made during the interview
  • additional information about the industry that is relevant to the interview
  • further mention of something that you had in common with the interviewer

3. Conclusion – wrap up the email by restating your interest in the position and your ability to add value to the employer.

A sample email is below:

Hi Bob,

Thanks again for your time yesterday to discuss the developer position at Nanobot with me. It was interesting to learn more about Nanobot’s unique strategy of customer acquisition for it’s paid platform by using its free services to disrupt the current industry to the point that Nanobot is the only option.

I remain very enthusiastic about Nanobot and think that I would be an excellent fit for the Developer Team.  I’m excited to move the process forward and am available for an additional interview with the Development team this week.  Alternatively I can be in San Francisco the week of xxxx.  To the extent you’re available I’d love the opportunity to stop by the office and observe the Dev Team in action.  Please let me know which you’d prefer and I can send an invite.



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