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Career Action Plan

Action Plan for starting your career

College graduation is an exciting time, but nearly half of college seniors nationwide graduate without a job. If you are in that 50%, we have created an action plan (below) to help keep you on track.

Here’s your action plan for launching your career:

  1. Don’t just take the first option, because it’s the only option – You’ve done a great job of holding out for a job that is a great fit for you. Don’t lose hope now. The majority of companies don’t hire until after graduation, so there are still plenty of opportunities out there. Don’t take something you may not enjoy just because you feel pressured.
  2. Network – Reach out to alumni, family friends, professors, and other people you’ve met along your path. Use this opportunity to learn about your industry (industries) of interest, the more knowledge you can demonstrate during an interview, the more likely an employer is to hire you. At the end of these conversations, ask for more people to talk to. You can never network with too many people.
  3. Apply – find jobs that interest you and submit your application, get an interview, and land your job. This is a lot, if you’re having difficulty we can help you through this process.

Talk to your Community Manager (community@vocate.me) to learn more about how we can help you with starting your dream career!

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Students and employers are not connecting in a meaningful way; the job highway works but the on-ramps are broken. We work every day to fix that so employers can find good employees and students can find their dream job.