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3 Don’ts of the Weakness Question

3 Don’ts of Answering the Weakness Question

One of the most common interview questions is: ‘what is your weakness?’ In asking this, the employer is really asking: “can you identify areas where you can improve, and are you actively trying to improve on these areas?” Our Last piece (How to answer: ‘What is your weakness?’) explains how to ace this simple question. You should also understand what mistakes to avoid in your answer. 


1. Don’t list a strength as a weakness.

Example: “I’m too much of a perfectionist.”

Why not? Everyone has weaknesses. Answers like the one above point to a lack of self-reflection on your part, which is a major issue for employers.

2. Don’t give a fatal flaw.

Example: “I have a hard time taking direction.”

Why not? There are some weaknesses that are an immediate ‘ding’ for an employer. Make sure your weakness is real, but make sure it’s relatively mild.

3. Don’t forget to show how you’re improving.

Example: “I have poor communication skills.”…with no context

Why not? Your ability to identify and improve upon your weaknesses is what distinguishes you as a great candidate.


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