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Spotlight: Rebecca Fontanilla

Highlight: 100 student sign-ups


Rebecca is a soon-to-be graduate from the University of San Francisco. She currently holds 5 jobs including her recent on-boarding as a Business Development intern for Vocate. She is also the Business Ad Manager for the SF Foghorn, the school newspaper, Entrepreneurial Master’s Program Assistant for the School of Management, Business Manager for a startup in Palo Alto, Morf Media, and she is an Events Coordinator at Galvanize in South of Market (SoMa), SF. She aims to work in the Recruiting/Marketing departments of an established corporate tech company in Silicon Valley.

Vocate Editor

Students and employers are not connecting in a meaningful way; the job highway works but the on-ramps are broken. We work every day to fix that so employers can find good employees and students can find their dream job.